Decipher SciFi explores the how and why in science fiction with conversations about technology, humanity, and the future. This is not a review show, nor will you see much criticism or snark. It is a rationally optimistic look, through film, at where society and technology are and where they are headed. Also, butts.



I am Christopher Peterson, a dad and general-purpose nerd and maker of things on the internet.
Former culinary professional.
Interested in computing, linguistics, economics, psychology, tech, and lots of other things.
I work as a Linux Sysadmin in between the geeky personal projects that consume all of my attention.

I am Lee Colbert, also a nerd and a fan of general intellectual curiosity.
I tend towards science, technology, and psychology but find a large number of fields interesting.
I’m also a Linux Admin supporting scientific and high performance computing.