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These awesome folks keep the show afloat.

Jolene Creighton
⭐Gideon Roos, taloned death-bird⭐

Grandma Judy
My Mom

John, Champion of Beavers
DJ “Something gross and possibly offensive” Moffett

Alaric Durkan, Gun-armed superhero
Daniel Barker* (of Uncertainty Principle the Podcast)
Adrian Falcone*

Joe Ruppel*, co-bff

Curly Phil
Josh Effengee of LSG Media
Elad Avron
Igor Smoliński
Samuel Mumby
Michael “The Giantess” Peterson
Chris Guenard (nipples)
Jeff Fireman Schwerdtman
Andrew Capitulo, the mighty
Peter van Loon, the Dutchman
Brian “The Sexiest Brother” Peterson

Andy P
Dean* @ LSG Media
Adrian Mihaila
Daniel the Jämtlander
Joe Ferraro
Temme Sikkema

*guest co-host



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