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If you are supporting Decipher SciFi on Patreon by Fri, December 21 2018 will get to see your name for a character in our new show! It’s Decipher RPG, a video show and podcast where we’ll get up to some scifi hijinks. And the world will need characters. And the characters will need spacesuits or something. But also they’ll need names. And it could be yours!

Burt the Masticating robot? Josh the Weenus Collector? [Your Name]  the human of precisely average strength? You get the idea.

For a taste of our RPG play (skills) or lack thereof), look to our Mirror one-off (1 | 2 | 3).

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Please support us on Patreon, where for a few bucks every now and then you can help us produce the show. We’d really appreciate it!

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