Bicentennial Man : Episode 30

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Bicentennial Man

What: Robin Williams-bot makes the journey from man to machine.
Directed by: Chris Columbus
Starring: Robin Williams, Sam Neill, Oliver Platt

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Positronic Man by Isaac Asimov
The novelette Bicentennial Man was developed into this book, which was eventually adapted for the movie around which this episode is based.
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A TV show that, despite only having one season so far, was good enough to be included in our Top 5 Science Fiction TV Shows episode.
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Robin Williams – In Motion from Every Frame a Painting

The whole Every Frame a Painting channel is just delightful. Do yourself a favor and watch all of the videos.

Uncertainty Principle – a podcast by Daniel James Barker
Love it! Daniel is our newest Patron and he has a really great show. Science!

Show Notes

Asimov’s Three Laws

Enumerated in spectacular fashion in the film in order to get it out of the way and never speak of it again.

Natural Language Processing

It’s really hard! Errors in humor and social expectations. Infinite conversational loops.

Robot Personification

A nurturing environment maybe contributed to Robo Williams’ sentience. Art as awakening. Acting human. Emergence.

Robot Slave Class

Why don’t we see them?

Uncanney Valley

Turing tests. Robots, androids, biorobots. Robo Williams’ synthetic organs.

What is Life?

Actually kind of hard to define.


“Death is an engineering problem.”


Sir: Goodnight
Andrew: Goodnight
Sir: Goodnight
Andrew: Goodnight and his

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