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Blade Runner 2049 Graphic

Blade Runner 2049 NYC Meetup

Thanks for coming out folks! We love seeing you irl and I love Blade Runner and life and you’re awesome

NYC Decipher SciFi Meetup 2017.10.06

not pictured because he left early: Jimmy


The original post:

NYC meetup tonight to see Blade Runner 2049!

Here is the Facebook event page if you wanna join in. We’ll get together for the movie and then see if everyone has time to hang afterwards. And here are the details sans-Facebook:

Blade Runner 2049
7:30 PM
AMC Loews 34th Street 14

You might prepare yourself by re-listening to our first Blade Runner episode. Then subscribe and keep an eye out for the new one!

life and ghost in the shell meetups

“Life” and “Ghost in the Shell” Movie Meetups Upcoming

Arrival Movie Meetup

cool internet people having fun at a previous meetup 😎

We’ve got two meetups upcoming!

First, we’re going to see Life at home-base in Princeton, NJ. Check out the Facebook event page, where details will fill in as they are made available.

Then we’re going back to NYC to see the live-action Ghost in the Shell. Here is the Facebook event page, details forthcoming.


Hope to see you there!

the space between us meetup

The Space Between Us, NYC Movie Meetup Recap

Had a great time with everyone who came to hang out and see The Space Between Us! (iTunes | Amazon)

The tween romance might seem like an odd choice, but you take what you can get when Chris Noessel is in town and there’s only one scifi movie playing. 😉
My favorite part of these things anyway are the conversations afterwards anyway. It’s about finding ideas to explore. Had a bunch of good, smart folks who find approaches to things that I’d never think of. And this movie had a bunch of spacey Mars-ey biology physics stuff to take apart. Keep an eye out for an episode on the film, of course.

Follow us on our social feeds to make sure you hear about the next one! Sometimes short notice can keep us from announcing things on the show itself (like this time).



the space between us meetup

decipherSciFi “The Space Between Us” NYC movie meetup (Sunday, Feb 5)

Hey, people! Remember our last meetup? That was fun!

Arrival Movie Meetup

look at all the fun happening

Our friend Chris Noessel is in town this weekend, so we’re setting up something real quick to get together and watch a movie with MARS and SPACE and love or something. The Space Between Us!

Wanna come? Please go to the Facebook event page and confirm your attendence if you’re in the area. There will be a good handful of decipherSciFi-type people there, and we’ll go drink and eat afterwards.