Judge Dredd [1995] : Episode 99

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Judge Dredd [1995]

What: Lawwwwwwwww. And spandex. And desert hobos.
Directed by: Danny Cannon
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante, Rob Schneider, Diane Lane, Max Von Sydow

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Show Notes

Mega Cities

Big. Tall. How they can be good, and how this one is bad.

Breaking the oxygen cycle

The environmental calamity in the movie that broke the earth is not detailed, but we try to consider how long humanity has if it doesn’t fix it somehow.

Recycled Food

Reclaimed food waste? OR… reclaiming synthetic food from human waste. Unjustified psychological aversions.

Ground Effect in aerodynamics

“In fixed-wing aircraft, ground effect is the increased lift (force) and decreased aerodynamic drag that an aircraft’s wings generate when they are close to a fixed surface. When landing, ground effect can give the pilot the feeling that the aircraft is ‘floating’.” -Wikipedia


Awesome bang-for-buck robot design. Chris adds “Warbot head model” to his list of things he needs even more than air.

The Janus Project

The practical impossibility of incubating neurologically-adult humans. Babies in sacks and the benefits thereof.



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