Robinson Crusoe on Mars : Episode 57

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Robinson Crusoe on Mars

What: Robinson Crusoe… on Mars!
Directed by: Byron Haskin
Starring: Adam West, Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin

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The Martian
Matt Damon is pretty much Robinson Crusoe…. on Mars! But without more humor, and less slavery.
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Our podcast episode about The Martian
Space settlement sciencey bits, water on mars, other things. Our episode on the movie above! It’s good. 🙂
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Show Notes

Steven Seagal

Adam West, pre-Batman. An impressive entrance and an early, unfortunate exit.

Scientific Accuracy

Surprisingly reasonable space tech and portrayal of mars ! For the time.

The Martian

Commonalities. Scientific accuracy with the knowledge of the time.


Bowser fireballs. Atmosphere.

History of our Knowledge of Mars

Galileo, albido mapping, canali, Percivall Lowell, modern missions.

Planetary Exploration

How to explore a new planet

  1. Open mask
  2. Breathe deeply
  3. Cross your fingers

Martian Resources and Features

Water, underwater sausage plants, red vines, air, atmosphere. Ice caps, aurora, vulcanism.

Columbus on Mars

Exploration and enslaving people. Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Culture and intelligence.



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