Serenity (Firefly) : Episode 42

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What: We cover the movie wrapping up the story of the crew from TV’s Firefly and have trouble remembering which is which.
Directed by: Joss Whedon
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau

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The show that made us love all of these characters. It ended too early, but at least we got the movie!
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Our friends at Liberty Street Geek also covered serenity on their show. We love these guys, and this was a good episode. 🙂
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Bad Character by Ted Chiang
In touching on the Chinese in Serenity, we remembered Ted Chiang (guest co-host for our Looper episode) wrote this interesting bit of speculation on Chinese and writing systems.
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Show Notes

Joss Whedon & Firefly

Johhhhhhn Cena prank call. Fox’s predilection for cancelling the most-loved shows. Viewing orders.

Hard and soft scifi

Joss Whedon doesn’t care about the science. Star system design without FTL. A call-in from Adrian Falcone.

Sci-Fi western

From cyberpunk to westerns. Frontier living.

Culture and language

Language evolution on generation ships. Creoles. Joss’ poetic Rialogue.


The mythology and the more reasonable backstory. Samuel Mumby calls in to express his appreciation for the former. “Who does the dishes?”


Sci-fi treatments of religion by Whedon and others.

Double Feature

Our friends at the podcast Double Feature are closing in on the end of their Kickstarter. If you’re seeing this before Sun, Jun 19, please help!


Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Do you want to run this ship?
Jayne Cobb: Yes!
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [caught off guard] Well… you can’t…

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