Star Wars Movies : Episode 24

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Star Wars

What: Star Wars movies discussion. All about the stuff in the films. For the meta discussion, check out our previous episode.
Directed by: George Lucas et al
Starring: Mark Hamill, James Earl Jones, Alec Guinness, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Jake Lloyd, Natalie Portman, many others

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Star Wars “Filmumentaries” by Jamie Benning
These are so cool! This guy compiles giant heaps of “making-of” material and edits it with the actual film to create a unique sort of making-of movie cut that was really cool for Star Wars.
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Robot Chicken Star Wars Parodies
Lovingly crafted parodies of Star Wars characters and situations from a show that’s already really good most of the time. These, though, are excellent.
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Star Wars Bad Lip Reading
omg can’t stop laughing

Emo Kylo Ren
We also think this Twitter account is very amusing!
emo kylo ren
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Show Notes

People Really Love This Franchise

Fandom. Why do people love this so much?

Why Are We Not Bananas About Star Wars?

Fantasy vs. science fiction. Humanities, sciences. Star Wars is a “fairy tale.”

Childhood Memories

People bonding with Star Wars in their youth. Watching it with the kids. There are younger people who actually dig the prequel trilogy, believe it or not.

Science in Star Wars

Canons. Robots. Spaceships. FTL. Gravity. The Force. Planets. Language.

Death Star Scales

Big, bigger, and biggest! Engineering and construction. Military and civilian populations.

Technology and The Force

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”


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