Man of Steel (Superman) : Episode 33

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Man of Steel

What: Superman comes to terms with who he is, defends earth from a genocidal maniac.
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Starring: Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Christopher Meloni

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Show Notes

Krypton is Imploding

No refuge! Except for all the different refuge options. Harvesting the planet’s core something something oh no it’s collapsing!

Zod is the Good Guy

On Krypton at least. Sure, he sounded a little bit like Hitler, but look what happened when they didn’t listen to him – no more Krypton! And then

Kryptonian Prison Rehab

They seem to put some serious resources into their criminal rehab system that barely gets used. Mundane black hole tech. Dildo butt plug space ships.

The Codex and the Genesis Chamber

Kal first natural birth in centuries. Clearly Kryptonians were multistellar once upon a time. Wonder what happened.

Super Awakening

Lessons in how not to handle a kid having a panic attack. Humans actually do pretty well adapting to new sensory input. Clark’s compensation and self control.

Yellow Sun Superpowers

Disagreement over the exact function of Kryptonian power armor and the nature of the yellow sun/superpower relationship.

Simulated Consciousness

Russel Crowe hologram simulation. So the Kryptonians reached the singularity basically, but don’t seem to be impressed enough.

Defeating Zod

Super strength, super neck bones, super despondent military leaders with nothing to protect.


A good death is its own reward

He acquitted himself well

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