Zathura : Episode 141

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What: Jumanji in space.
Directed by: Jon Favreau
Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo, Dax Shepard, Kristen Stewart

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Show Notes

Science words

Jumanji in space. Card-by-card science words.

Light pollution

The night sky “never looked that close before.” The majority of Americans being unfamiliar with a real view of the night sky. Light pollution. Dark sky preserves. The LA blackout and the milky way. Light pollution and the effect on wildlife. And the effects on us.

light pollution map of USA

Light pollution map of the USA from Light Pollution Map

Planetary rings

100% ring rate on gas giants in our solar system. Ring size and albido. The lifecycle of a ring system. The “Roche Limit.” Ring formation beginnings. Rocks vs ice in ring systems. Super-large ring system discoveries.

Cryonic sleep

Cryonic sleep and galactic travel. Teenager sleep schedules.

Gravity Wells

Weightlessness in orbit. Orbit is falling.

Meeting aliens

As per Hawking: you might not want to!


Don’t forget: people are meat too! Cold blooded vs warm-blooded intelligence. Metabolic rates and bloodedness. Dinosaurs may have been mesotherms!

"you are as meat as a cow!"

Space food

Tubes and bricks. Bad roomates and sardine tubes. Kimchi rocket ships in spaaaaaace. Eating your sandwich in the bathroom, just in case your microbiome can’t handle the onslaught.

Shooting stars

IRL shooting stars. Rogue stars. Meteor shower disappointments.

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