Arrival – part 1 (feat. Jolene & Adrian) : Episode 64

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What: Aliens arrive, and talk communicate with a human linguist.
Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

Featuring guest co-hosts

Jolene Creighton headshot Adrian Falcone
Jolene Creighton, managing editor at Adrian Falcone (@AdrianBFalcone), internet nerd

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The classic ST:TNG tale of alien communication.
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Everything by Ted Chiang
In the episode Adrian recommends The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate for its treatment of travel, but I’m expanding on that here to recommend everything by friend-of-the-show Ted Chiang.
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Alien Math
UI guru Jeff Raskin’s alien arithmetic brain-teaser from forever ago. Adrian’s white whale. 🙂

Jef Raskin's Alien Arithmetic Problem

Jef Raskin’s Alien Arithmetic Problem

The NSA article that informed Raskin and Guertin’s project here

Show Notes

Alien Ship Technology

Ship materials construction. Anti-gravity technologies. Tesseracts. Shadows looking into other dimensions.

Alien Math and Physics

Superdimensionality. Imagining alien understanding of maths and physics. Different perspectives forcing different approaches. The physics of alien arrivals.

Linguistic Relativity

The strong version of the  Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is not backed by good evidence. Superdimensional alien languages. Gaining new perspective into the reality of the universe.


Military secret-keeping. General Whitaker’s Morpheus operandi: “I cannot tell you what the matrix is. I have to show you.”


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