Avatar : Episode 123

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What: Dances with Smurfs AKA Smurf Gully
Directed by: James Cameron
Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang

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“The Science of Avatar”
A podcast of an event from the Seattle Public Library from around when the movie came out, featuring takes on the film from several scientists in different fields. Interesting!
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Show Notes

Alpha Centauri

Closest star systems to Earth. Sudden outbursts of James Cameron appreciation. Alpha Centauri {A,B}, Proxima Centauri. Sub-light space travel.

Cryo sleep

Continuation of consciousness. Perceptions of meatsackness.

Pandora the moon

Adaptive definitions of moons and planets. Learning about moons aside from our own. Disney World’s Pandora.


The utility of light in dark environs. Bioluminescence evolution on Earth. Useful wavelengths of produced light in water/air. Standard human bioluminescence. Japanese gameshow science.

human bioluminescence japanese study images

Human bioluminescence “heat-map” via Kobayashi, Kikuchi, Okamura, 2009

Pandoran flora and fauna

Megafauna and megaflora and lower gravity. Hexapodality.


Na’vi anatomy. Avatar differences, e.g. 5 fingers, eyebrows. Boobs? Dr. Manhattan.

The Pandoran internet

Neural networks. Brain-machine interface vs brain-everything interface. Na’vi adaptability to remote neural control. Data-transfer


Superconductors. High-temperature superconductors! Floating “mountains.”

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