Conan the Barbarian ’82 (feat. Joe Ruppel, History Nerd) : Episode 70

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Conan the Barbarian ’82

What: Arnold is awesome and cuts through a bunch of bad guys on his quest for revenge.
Directed by: John Milius
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Max Von Sydow

Featuring guest co-host
Joe Ruppel PhotoJoe Ruppel, our co-bff

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Science Fiction Film Podcast – Conan the Barbarian
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Conan the Barbarian the Musical

Bonus: the version from when we did a Warrior dash in 2010

Show Notes

Conan the Bookbarian

Robert E. Howard and pulp fantasy.  His life  and death.

Arnold is amazing

Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciation hour. Training. Work ethic. Hustle. The American dream. Grizzled old beardy Conan the Conqueror. Arnold’s blooper with the wolves:

Conan’s world and mythology

“Antedeluvian” history. Chroniclers keeping record of the exploits of historical figures. Genghis Khan.


Iron, steel, forge technology. How not to make or use a sword.

Steppe peoples

Horsemastery. Wind vs slave power. More Genghis Khan.


Cannibal cults. Human cookery.

The riddle of steel

Steel, flesh, swords made from the blood of one’s enemies.


What is best in life?

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