Deep Impact : Episode 54

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Deep Impact

What: Morgan Freeman is president and a mountain-sized comet is heading towards earth. What do we do?
Directed by: Mimi Leder
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Teia Leoni, Elijah Wood

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Death from the Skies by Phil Plait
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Solar System Collision Calculator
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Show Notes

Deep Impact selfie

Citizen Astronomy

People. Computers. Computer vision. KIC 8462852.


Extinction level events. Dinosaur impact. Impactor scales.

Impactor Types

Meteors, meteorites, meteors, comets, asteroids.

Avoiding Impacts

Gentle (nuclear bombs), and less gentle (gravity tug) methods of redirecting impactors.

Earth Impacts

Tunguska, dinosaur impact. The difference between a small number of large impacts and a large number of small ones.

Humanity’s Fate

Floods, atmospheric disruption, a world aflame from the heat of a million impactors.


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