Cowboy Bebop The Movie : Episode 55

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Cowboy Bebop The Movie (aka Cowboy Bebop – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door)

What: Spike, Jet and the rest try to hunt down a trenchcoated badass and need to save everybody from some nasty nanobioweapons. On Mars!
Directed by:  Shinichirô Watanabe
Starring: A bunch of voice talent.

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Cowboy Bebop
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Show Notes

Cowboy Bebop lineup


Cowboy Bebop the series, Yoko Kanno, style points.

Space Western

Shades of Firefly.

Gate Disaster

Shades of Seveneves and Deep Impact. Meteor impacts are becoming a recurring theme!

Settling Mars

Biodomes, marscrete, martian soil, regolith, constructive impacts. Terraforming. Biodomes.

Weather Control

China! Weather control before and after the Beijing Olympics. Cold and warm cloud seeding. Chemicals. Super-frozen, uncrystallized. water.


It’s time to blow this cinema. Get everybody and their stuff together.
Okay, 3-2-1 let’s jam.

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