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Ex Machina

What: Dorky guy is called in to play Turing test with a truly impressive android.
Directed by Alex Garland
Starring: Domnhall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander, Sonoya Mizuno

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Embodiment and the Inner Life: Cognition and Consciousness in the Space of Possible Minds
We really don’t know anything about this except that it was an easter egg in the film. :shrug:
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Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom
A good look at how AI could develop and affect humanity from the perspective of a professional in the field.Can be a bit dry but covers the material really well.
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Our Final Invention by James Barrat
A volume mostly on the dangers of AI. A little more sensational than Superintelligence, but a more enjoyable read and still does a good job.
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Show Notes

Lone genius inventor

The myth Thomas Edison. Google. Boss guy taking credit. Standing on the shoulders of giants. Could the open source movement make great breakthroughs possible for small groups? Didn’t it already?

Turing Test

Commonly misunderstood. But the intelligence in this movie is way past that anyway. Testing for theory of mind might be the right track for the future.

Personification of AI

Being a cute, vulnerable girl AI goes a long way. Uncanny valley. Sexual attraction to non-human humanoid intelligences.

AI Danger

Fast/slow takeoff. AI will look back on us like pre-Sapiens fossils. It is not difficult to “escape the box.” If a person can do it, so can a superintelligence.

Machine Learning/Data Collection

Google might be the biggest and most successful AI project in the world. Phone spying. Black-box neural networks. Algorithmic complexity.

AI Ethics

Is it immoral to create an AI and not let it be free? “Do you have someone testing you who could turn you off?” Romantic interest better than morals? Does Nathan consider how he is treating the AIs? God complex. Baghavad Gita. The end of humanity. AI arms race.

Spoiler Notes

Section Did Ava leave Caleb to die? Did she do it purposely? What will her next move be?




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