Galaxy Quest : 007

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Galaxy Quest

What: A really loving tribute to Star Trek and Star Trek fandom. The alumni cast of a space opera television series have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help.
Directed by: Dean Parisot
Starring: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Richman, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub, Enrico Calentoni

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Show Notes

Star Trek

Christopher is a big fan. Has a revelation regarding this on the show.

Star Trek Fandom

Christopher might be a trekkie. The movie is a loving tribute. Star Trek cast reactions to Galaxy Quest.

Aliens in the movie

Tend to be humanoid. Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. Abundance, working together. Literalism in language like small human children.

Silly Star Trek Tropes

The movie uses them for great meta comedy. Transporter. Omega 13 device. Most important crew members go down to explore new worlds.

Artemis is Really Really Awesome

Here is a good example of the frivolity you could expect (skip to3:38 for gameplay):


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