Independence Day: Resurgence : Episode 78

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Independence Day: Resurgence

What: Aliens return to Earth for revenge and to tap our milky center. Like Independence Day, but resurgent.
Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Starring: Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Brent Spiner, Jessie T. Usher

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Show Notes

Independence Day Alien/President cosplay

Alien Reconnaissance

Distress calls. Radio broadcasts and other ways to watch the best.speech.ever.

Alien Arrival

Wormholes. Telefragging. In-system ship speeds and an incredible ability to slow down.

Human Reverse Engineering

Twenty years of reverse engineering alien tech has yielded great fruit. Propulsion! Anti-gravity.

Getting Stuff in Space

It’s hard! Gravity wells. Magic fusion antigravity obviates the main utility of Lagrange points.

Inertial Dampening

Fluid sack inertial dampening.Breathable oxygenated fluids. Vectors!

Data in a Coma

Muscular atrophy. Twenty years without moving. Communicating with locked-in patients.

City Destroyers

Gratiuitous city destruction. Tactics and strategy. Are the aliens just jerks?

They flew into my butthole! My only weakness, how did you know?!

Harvester Ships

Why do cities lift off of the ground?

Earth is just a ball of rock.

And metal. The creamy center is actually not creamy but rather solid iron. It’s like a Kinder Egg and a Cadbury Cream Egg had a baby. The sorts of doom we’d face by having our core disrupted/extracted. Magnetosphere and the molten core. The crust ranges from 3-25 miles thick, fwiw.

from Wikimedia contributor Kelvinsong


Earth's magnetosphere

An artist’s rendering of the structure of a magnetosphere: 1)Bow shock. 2)Magnetosheath. 3)Magnetopause. 4)Magnetosphere. 5)Northern tail lobe. 6)Southern tail lobe. 7)Plasmasphere.

Drilling the Core

Massive energy to not only drill but keep the hole into the earth open. A hole in the bottom of the sea.


Jeff Goldblum is the master baiter. Alien queen fight. Insectoid queen morphology. Sexual dimorphism. Putting stuff up their butts for victory. Original idea, original idea, original idea:

Final Answer

Zap Brannigan style

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