Lawnmower Man : Episode 9

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Lawnmower Man, The

What: Flowers for Algernon, but evil and with Pierce Brosnan
Directed by: Brett Leonard
Starring: Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan

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Community : Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care
The very best possible send-up of the VR craze of the 90s.
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Daemon by Daniel Suarez
A thriller based around the possiblities of AI and augmented reality. Not quite VR, but close enough.
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Freedom TM
The sequel to Daemon, taking the ideas from the first book and letting them run wayyyyyyyy off the deep end. Still fun though. Maybe one day we’ll look back and consider its prescience… but probably not.
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Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan – First in the Takeshi Kovacs Series
Really great, dark, hard-boiled future-noir detective story. Wonderful atmosphere. ANNNND features lots of virtual reality. It’s a normal, useful part of their world and its interesting to see how it is used.
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Read it with your ears iTunes | Amazon

And thanks to @astronomyreloaded on Instagram for getting our juices flowing to talk about VR. 😀

Show Notes

The Novel

The title was taken from a Stephen King short story which pretty much otherwise has no relationship at all to the film. This actually led to a lawsuit.

Director Brett Leonard

Was praised at the time for his vision. Virtuosity.

3D Graphics at the Time of the Film

Wolfenstein 3D. Compact discs technology. Sega CD. The cost of this film in time and money. How impressed we all were at the time. Sega console monstrosity.sega-tower-of-power

Virtual Reality: Past

What we thought it would be at the time of the film.

Virtual Reality: Present

360° “VR” movies. Google cardboard. AR. How directed do we want our experiences with art to be?

Virtual Reality: Future

VR training. Holodeck. Pornography. Awesome-sounding VR “theme park” in Utah.

Becoming the Lawnmower Man

Nootropics. The singularity. Controlling the real world via the internet.


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