Outlander (feat. Lee from Viking Age) : Episode 67

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What: Viking space Jesus stars in Beowulf, and then Predator. Get to the space-choppa.
Directed by: Howard McCain
Starring: Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Ron Perlman

Featuring guest co-host
Lee Accomando headshotLee Accomando of Viking Age Podcast

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Outlander is based on Beowulf, more or less. Chris really really likes this movie! It’s so cheesey and manly. 🙂
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Beowulf translated by Seamus Heeney
Lee recommends this translation of the classic adventure.
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Show Notes

Alien Seed Colony

Human aliens in Norway c 709 A.D. The “Prometheus Problem.”

Viking Language

Old norse and 12th century Icelandic. The Icelandic sagas.

Ocular Data Input

Brain implants, language learning, and nosebleeds.


Whales are big!

Warrior Culture

Berserkers and their magic mushrooms. Specific training methodologies between vikings, space marines, and dragon-fighting.

The Monster

The movie turns into Predator. Elephant-lion-crocodiles. Apex predator population scales.


Frequency of bioluminescence. Adaptation. Wavelengths. Is bioluminescence expensive?

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