Philip K Dick (feat. The Philip K. Dick Film Festival’s Daniel Abella) Plus Patreon! : Episode 20

Philip K Dick
His work and the movies Based on it

Who: Philip K Dick, the prolific science fiction author that transcended the genre and inspired a number of films we love.
What: In this episode we do an overall review of Philip K. Dick. His work, how much we love the cheesy action movies adapted from his work, and the relevance of his work today. To this end, we call in an expert to help us out!

Daniel Abella
Daniel Abella,
Director of the Philip K. Dick Film Festival

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The Philip K. Dick Film Festival
The indie science fiction film festival that we’re really looking forward to attending. Featuring a bunch of interesting short and feature length films. Details below!
See the schedule and buy tickets at the website

A Bunch of Movies Based on his Work
We love the majority of them. Our favorite:
Minority Report on iTunes | Amazon

33 Sci-Fi Stories by Philip K. Dick as Free Audio Books & Free eBooks
A list of excellent PKD works to read with your eyes or your ears.
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The Man in the High Castle
An Amazon original series adapted from the PKD novel. Colbert enjoyed it!
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Show Notes

Philip K Dick

The importance of his work. Valis experience. Drugs! PKD’s place in the pantheon of science fiction writers, among Asimov, Bradbury and others. Humanity. Dignity. Technology vs humanity.

Philip K Dick

Philip K Dick

As we come closer to the machine, the machine comes closer to us. -Daniel Abella

Movies Based on the Work of PKD About Which We Have Something to Say

    • Blade Runner
    • Total Recall
    • A Scanner Darkly
    • Minority Report
    • Paycheck
    • Next
    • Screamer
    • The Adjustment Bureau
    • Man in the High Castle

Philip K. Dick Film Festival

Indie sci-fi film festival. Featuring a bunch of interesting films, shorts, and documentaries. Even one video game! Here are some trailers:

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon

Clones, Featuring Rutger Hauer

The Art of Human Salvage, Featuring Edward James Olmos


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Thanks Daniel!

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