Hackers (feat. Brian Epstein, Security Pro) : Episode 21

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What: In Hackers a gaggle of innocent Hackers are framed for extorting an oil company and “hack the planet.” Bad guy rides a skateboard. In the 90’s.
Directed by: Iain Softley
Starring: Johnny Lee MIller, Angelina Jolie, Matthew Lillard, Jesse Bradford, Fisher Stevens, Penn Jillette, Marc Anthony

Featuring guest co-host
Brian Epstein
Brian Epstein, Network and Security Manager at Institute for Advanced Study

Recommended and Related Media

Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick
Mitnick’s own story of his exploits and capture. Not exactly impartial but a really good read.
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Freedom Downtime
Documentary by 2600 about Kevin Mitnick and the scene of the time.
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Takedown (aka Takedown aka Hackers 2)
Cheesy movie sensationalizing the Kevin Mitnick story, starring Skeet Ulritch. Whether or not this is actually “recommended” is argued out on the show.
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Mr Robot
Colbert is digging this show, currently done with its first season. He admires its technical realism and was interested in the story and characters.
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Security Now
A really really good weekly podcast with internet security news and frequent lessons about how things work. Pretty accessible for the average internet person, we think. But we’re not the best judges of this.
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Show Notes


We’re from there! We love the fashion. And the music!

hackers fashion

Hacker Taxonomy

Hackers, crackers, script kiddies, etc.

Kevin Mitnick

Huge in the new at the time. Media coverage. The model for Dade’s legal situation.


Hacking, social engineering, dumpster diving.


Ruining Agent Gill. Reddit.


This is the end my friend. Thank you for calling.

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