Snowpiercer : Episode 137

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What: Social commentary on a train with dreamy Chris Evans. Snowpiercer science.
Directed by: Joon-ho Bong
Starring: Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton

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Show Notes

Climate control

CW7 climate change-fixer compound. “Artificial cooling.” Climate manipulation. The end of the world. “Snowball earth” capped by massive volcanic activity and leading into life explosions. Weather manipulation vs climate manipulation. Radioactive hurricanes and sharks with frickin lasers. Micro-life survival.

The ozone layer

What is that for. Chlorofleorocarbons (CFCs) and ozone depletion.

simpsons bolivian tree lizard clip


The frozen arm punishment. Cooling rates and atmospheric density. Christopher’s experience (or lack thereof) freezing limbs with liquid nitrogen.

Food in the cryopocalypse (entomophagy)

Efficiency in energy conversion in food sources. Disgust reactions in the face of starvation. Feed conversion ratio. Indiginous food sources and feeding a growing human population. Competing with dung beetles. Christopher’s adventures in preparing wax worms. Maggot cheese and knowing your limits.

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