Surrogates : Episode 37

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What: Old Bruce Willis wears a young Bruce Willis suit; has to save the day.
Directed by: Jonathan Mostow
Starring: Bruce Willis, Rosamund Pike, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Jack Noseworthy, Radha Mitchell

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Show Notes

Areas of progress

Areas needing a lot of progress to lead to the world of Surrogates: robotics, materials science, network bandwidth and latency, human-machine neural interfaces, legality and ethics.


Violent crime nearly nonexistent, productivity, pseudonymity, anonymity, merito cracy. Level playing field for people with disabilties. Soldiering by proxy.

Human connection

The loss of it. The resistance.  Surprisingly bad solutions.


Look at yourselves. Unplug from your chairs, get up and look in the mirror. What you see is how God made you. We’re not meant to experience the world through a machine.

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