The Chronicles of Riddick : Episode 109

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The Chronicles of Riddick

What: Vin Diesel is all sweaty and ripped and super badass and reluctantly fights and interstellar (intergalactic?) death cult.
Directed by: David Twohy
Starring: Vin Diesel, Judi Dench, Colm Feore, Carl Urban

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay/Assault on Dark Athena
Colbert recommended the first title, “Escape From Butcher Bay,” but it is mostly unavailable by itself. Instead an enhaced remake it available within the later game release “Assault on Dark Athena.” It’s like an extra-stabby Thief-type stealth game.
Unfortunately it seems to no longer on Steam, but is purchaseable as an actual caveman-style physical product.   😐
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Folding Ideas – The Chronicles of Riddick

Show Notes


Where do I sign up? Scary space death cults. Necromonger gothic architecture and interior design. Frowny-faces.

Face on your face

Avoiding ambush predators via application of faces. Strong jaws. Designing against ambush predators. FACES EVWERYWHERE

Google Deep-dreaming human face melange

(Atmospheric) penetration

Atmospheric entry bombs. Landing invasion ships, overpressure, and displays of power. Also the blue ball planet-killing explosion thing.

Interstellar travel

Ion drive acceleration and speed and average distances between stars. The unlikeliness of non-FTL travel between star systems during the span of human lifetimes.

Private prison

The economics of the private prisons in this universe and how it’s cost-effective to basically put a prison facility on Mercury.


Hot planets close to their sun. Lack of atmosphere and lack of green-house effect causing extremely quick extreme temperature changes.  This planet was pretty much Mercury. The impossibility of breathable atmosphere in these circumstances. The speed of the sunset and solar terminators.

Crematorian dog-things

Robustness of skin. Comparison to other color-changing creatures. Luminescence vs passive color-change.


Death by teacup

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