Pitch Black (feat. Fraser Cain of Universe Today) : Episode 110

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Pitch Black

What: Vin Diesel is bad-ass Riddick on a pitch black planet and fights alien monsters. Horror!
Directed by: David Twohy
Starring: Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Vin Diesel, Keith David

Featuring guest co-host
Fraser Cain headshotFraser Cain of Universe Today

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Farewell Cassini: The Grand Finale and the Final Images of Saturn
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Fraser’s Stuff
Fraser has been rocking and rolling as a content creator online for the better part of a decade. I first discovered him via his podcast Astronomy Cast. Tons of binge-able astronomy-learning to be had. Highly recommended!
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What If Saturn Paid Us a Very Close Visit? by Phil Plait
Phil Plait explores what might happen if Saturn swung by Earth (spoiler alert: nothing good). It gave us some ammo in discussing interactions between the Saturn-like planet and the planet our heroes occupied in the movie.
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The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu
Phil dug this science fiction book.
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Show Notes


Stasis for interstellar space travel. “Freezing” people into a low-activity biological state. IRL medical developments.

Microimpactors in space

Space junk in near-earth orbit. That time a paint chipped cracked a window on the ISS (don’t worry, the ISS is fine). Comet tails and variously-sized chunks of ice as impactors. l’,;;;;’

ISS cracked window by Tim Peake

no shit this is a cracked window on the ISS ?

Landing on M6-117 (and other planets)

Atmospheric density vs interstellar velocities. The benefits of landing on a planet with atmosphere vs a planet without. It’s hard without! Realizing having an atmosphere to slow down in can be a blessing if the ship can handle the temperatures due to atmospheric compression under/around the vessel.

Trinary Star systems

Trinary systems and the chance for stable planetary orbits. Proxima Centauri. Globular star clusters as alternative for “all light all the time.”

Bioraptors (the monsters)

Predators on the “cicada cycle.” How the ecology of this world appears or does not appear to support this cycle. Slowly-heating stars and the shifting “goldilocks” zone.


Eyeshine! Light amplification or translation from outside of our cone of EM reception. Night vision. Replacing eyeballs with robust cameras. Ghost in the Shell and X-ray vision.


Evolving bioluminescence as a food-collection mechanism vs keeping away the flying death-machines.

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