The Girl With All the Gifts : Episode 96

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The Girl With All the Gifts

What: Fungus zombies!
Directed by: Colm McCarthy
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close, Dominique Tipper, Sennia Nanua

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The Last of Us
Everybody thought this game was really good. It resembles this movie in a few ways (fungus zombies!).
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Zombie Parasites from Nat Geo Live

Sense of smell

Hunting by smell. Covering scents. Smelling slow and fast. The power of Axe Body spray. The power of chemical warfare. How “smells” work.


Ophiocordyceps unilateralis! The real fungus on which the zombie fungus is based. The rundown of its lifecycle. Biting the leaf. Chemical instructions controlling behaviour.

Cordyceps moving to humans

The difference in arthtropod and human circulatory and nervous systems. How to best spread fungal infections between humans.

The end of homo sapiens

Parasites forcing their hosts to act in their interests. Mushroom towers. The rise of homo boletus. Coming around on anthropocentrism.


Do you want a cat?

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