Doom (the game) (w/ Daniel Barker) : Episode 97

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Doom (video game) [2016]

What: Go to hell and kick some ass. Something something portals and guns or whatever.
Published by: Bethesda
Created by: id Software

Daniel Barker headshot
Daniel James Barker of Uncertainty Principle the Podcast

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Doom (The original game)
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Doom 2016 Soundtrack
It’s pretty rockin’ and they published it with a really nice visualization:

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture by David Kushner
A trip down memory lane, or a history lesson. The story of id software and their huge role in the business and culture of the game industry.
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Uncertainty Principle the Podcast by Daniel James Barker
Ours guest has a really good show of his own. Science!
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Show Notes


Doom was a really awesome important thing in 1993. History lessons because Dan is too young to understand but we are old. Nostalgia, for better or for worse. Modularity and the development of game modding. How to play a modern game without playing it.

The true test of technology

The true test of any technology: can it run Doom? Doom running on a Macbook Pro Touch Bar.

Volumetric Projections

“3D holograms.” As a narrative/historical record playback device. As seen in: Prometheus. Difficulties versus augmented reality.


Measuring “life” as a life meter. Micromorts and actuarial considerations. Safety gear in health packs.

Hell Universe

Tapping into unlimited energy; who could resist?

Vega the supercomputer

Turing tests. Regrets. “Absolute zero” cooling systems and marketing speak. Backups analagous to DNA cloning.

Samuel Hayden

Body transplants vs brain transplants. Where does the self reside? Cyborg geniuses. Life goals.



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