The Osiris Child : Episode 121

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The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One

What: A space adventure throwback with a very presumptive title where a dad rescues a daughter. And there are monsters!
Directed by: Shane Abbess
Starring: Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Isabel Lucas

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Science Fiction Episode One: The Osiris Child
This indie scifi movie!
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Show Notes

Indie scale

Scifi adventure throwback. Corporations are always evil. Ambition in scope of indie scifi.

Cloud city

Floating cities and air bases. Energy requirements. Floating cities on Venus, where balloons of an atmosphere of Earth-like density can float safely and happily in the high clouds. Hamster ball pleasure cruses. IRL “floating aircraft carriers.” Realizing that all aircraft carriers are “floating.”

Space settlement light and dark

The apparent necessity of slave labour. Western expansion analogies. Naval analogies. Australian analogies. Hoping that space settlement becomes mundane.

Backwards Dr Moreau

“Raggeds.” Reverse mode on Dr. Moreau. Echoes of evil ninja turtles and goombas. Send the gorillas to get the mongoose.

Osiris Child Ragged comparison

Goomba v Ragged v Ninja Turtle


Maybe “ecoforming?” Ecological manipulation. Seeding new ecology vs tearing down existing ecology. NASA sterilization practices and caution in avoiding contamination vs throwing turtle monsters at it.

Self-destruct cleanup mode

Rule 34? Nuclear reactors can explode, but they don’t explode like a nuclear bomb. Chernobyl as example. Hot water and pressure reactive with metal and exploding. Metldown and the elephant foot.

Taking risks

Character elimination and happy fairy tale endings.


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