Universal Soldier : face-kicking cyborg technologies and micro drone insects

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Universal Soldier

The government turns sometimes-naked Jean-Claude into a cyborg sorta. And hijinx ensue!

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Show Notes


Remote-controlled cockroaches. Engineering cyborg cats with tape and servos. Search and rescue rats. What counts as a cyborg? Insects with eyebrows.


Whirring servos and motors. Wearable technology and where to draw the line on cyborgs. The cyborg olympics. Determining the limits of human performance.


Mammalian heat regulation. Humans are the best distance runners AND car-pushers.


Pain response and learning. Pain and athletic performance. A PSA about injecting things int your heart – you don’t want a hole there. The best places in your body to randomly put holes.

Cyborg naiveté

But what is a penis anyway? Memory inhibition. Competitive eating. Binging and stomach elasticity. Competitive eating training.

Supersoldier Programs

Was it a success? Drugs make you a superhero.

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