Enemy Mine : Episode 146

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Enemy Mine

What: A human and an alien struggle to get past their differences.
Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr., Brion James

Show Notes

Old-school space dogfighting

Stealth and the economics of close-distance space combat. Ship designs for different combat settings. Space vs atmosphere travel. Underwater?

Alien planets

Hostile, but really lucky to have breathable air and drinkable water. Storms. Periodic heavy meteor showers. Comet tails vs close planetary bodies for meteor shower material.

Alien wildlife

Space horseshoe crabs. Sarlac antlions. Half-Life 2 interpretations. Antlion larvae.


The aliens as portrayed by Louis Gossett Jr. Alien physiology. Evolutionary body-heat dissipation adaptations. The spectrum of binocularity in Earth-life.

Space-faring civilization

Time scales for change on the technological curve.

Alien reproduction

Hermaphroditism? Asexuality? Parthenogenesis? This pregnancy is a weird situation. One man and an alien baby.

Interstellar enslavement economics

Transporting slaves to remote mining colonies. Where are the robots? Possible Dune connections.

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