Weird Science : Episode 45

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Weird Science

What: A weird science magic sex genie helps two boys grow up a little bit? sorta?
Directed by: John Hughes
Starring: Bill Paxton, Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly LeBrock

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Made of the Future/Weird Science
The pulp comic on which the movie was based.
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Frankenstein – Episode 29
Another episode of this very show where we covered man using smagic (science magic) to create life! Except in this case man learns something about his hubris. Featuring Joe Ruppel, history nerd.
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Show Notes

weird science selfie

John Hughes

And the Brat Pack. Uncle Buck and Breakfast Club.


Science so unscientific, it is magic: smagic. Callbacks to pygmalion and Frankenstein.


Boy howdy. Literally using a barbie to create a living sex object. Consent. Creating sex bots. The 1950s comic on which the movie was based.


What are they? what are we? Geeks? Nerds? Both?

Growing Up

Adolescence sucks. Being a sexually frustrated teenage boy. Fantasies and ethical concerns.


Girls, schmirls.

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