Language & The Expanse (feat. Nick Farmer, Linguist) : Episode 46

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Language and The Expanse

What: A topic-based talk about language! Language in The Expanse, in scifi, and in general.

Featuring guest co-host
Nick Farmer headshot
Nick Farmer, creator of The Expanse’s Belter language

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Nick Farmer
Nick posts lots of linguisty stuff and occasionally shares bits from his constructed language: belter!
Follow him on Twitter @NFarmerLinguist

The Art of Language Invention by David J. Peterson
The definitive guide to conlanging! A good read even if you don’t want to make your own languages, but are just interested in the intersection of language and fiction.
Read it with your eyes iTunes | Amazon
Read it with your ears iTunes | Amazon

The Expanse
A really impressive scifi series with really solid world-building (a big part of which is Nick’s language work). Highly recommended!
Get the thing iTunes | Amazon

Show Notes


What are constructed languages? Who makes them?

The Expanse

Designing the language for the TV show. Designing a posteriori languages and a priori languages and difficulties of each.


A Clockwork Orange, Andrew Niccol, and other uses of slang to flesh out fictional worlds.

Pidgins, Creoles

What is a creole, and how did Nick approach designing one for The Expanse


Du ferí da Belte!

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