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The Expanse Mars backdrop

The Expanse Season 2 (feat Fraser Cain) : Episode 93

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The Expanse Season 2

What: Sciencey spacey stuff from the second season of The Expanse, a show about humanity spread across the solar system, and political strife between Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt.

Featuring guest co-host
Fraser Cain headshot
Fraser Cain of Universe Today

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The Expanse VFX Calin Munroe

The Expanse VFX w/ Cailin Munroe : decipherSciFi is People 01

The Expanse VFX w/ Cailin Munroe : decipherSciFi is People 01 Stream The Expanse:
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An Interview: The Expanse VFX

What: We talk to Cailin Munroe, VFX Producer on The Expanse, about how they so thoroughly flesh out the visual world of the show.

An interview with
Caelin Munroe headshotCailin Munroe, VFX Producer on The Expanse

Show Notes

We did an interview! Since it’s not the normal format, we’re releasing this as a bonus halfway between normal episodes. And we took Peter Van Loon’s suggestion for alternate naming!
We talk here with Cailin Munroe from The Expanse all about a bunch of stuff: the role of the producer, on-set work, diaper butts, ship designs, physics FX, device and environment UI, space hair, dogs barking, matte paintings, 3D animated sets, the next form of the blue goo ☠️

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Belter language The Expanse backdrop

Language & The Expanse (feat. Nick Farmer, Linguist) : Episode 46

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Language and The Expanse

What: A topic-based talk about language! Language in The Expanse, in scifi, and in general.

Featuring guest co-host
Nick Farmer headshot
Nick Farmer, creator of The Expanse’s Belter language

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