The Expanse Season 2 (feat Fraser Cain) : Episode 93

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The Expanse Season 2

What: Sciencey spacey stuff from the second season of The Expanse, a show about humanity spread across the solar system, and political strife between Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt.

Featuring guest co-host
Fraser Cain headshot
Fraser Cain of Universe Today

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Show Notes

Falling into the sun

Why not dump all of our nuclear waste there? Shedding orbital velocity. Eros the magic space potato.

Martian Gravity

Our lack of understanding irl of whether humans can conceive and gestate and grow in low or microgravity. Centrifugal artificial gravity.

Epstein Drive

Pulling Gs. Human limits.

Exciting times

Finally we’re in a place that we’re taking space settlement for granted. Developments in space travel like the Falcon Heavy et al. Recently, Stratolaunch:

Settlement issues

Fragility of interconnected systems at small scale. Radiation. Living inside a big rock.


Venus sucks. Mostly. On the surface, at least. Soviet Venus missions. Turning Venus into a spaceship.

Solar Energy

Harvesting and limiting solar exposure in different parts of the solar system. Relative solar intensity.

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