Annihilation : Episode 143

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What: Natalie Portman in the shimmer
Directed by: Alex Garland!
Starring: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson

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Show Notes

Alex Garland

<3. Ex Machina.

Abominable mutants

Shark-gators. Flower-deer. Man-bear-mole-pig. Dr Manhattan-style animal transformations. Big blue tree phalluses.

Horizontal gene transfer

Micro vs macro.

Continuous mutation


The shimmer

Exponential understanding. Deciphering the puzzle of Earth life. Clams with human faces. Desctructive/transformative information processing. They’re Made Out of Meat.

Micro-life in the shimmer

Boa constrictors in your gut. Tapeworm run amok. Gut bacterial colonies and fungus. Cordyceps zombie fungus a la The Girl With All the Gifts.

The Shimmerrer

Interfacing with alien life. Different levels of understanding. Von Neumann machines.

The ending

Deciphering the ending without putting the major spoilage here in this page.

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