Battlefield Earth (feat. Daniel Mann, Programmer Nerd) : Episode 16

Battlefield Earth

What: Barry Pepper struggles to lead humanity against an oppressive alien occupation, lead by John Travolta.
Directed by: Roger Christian
Starring: Barry Pepper, John Travolta, Forrest Whitaker

With guest co-host:
Daniel Mann PhotoDaniel Mann

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Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard
Classic pulpy scifi novel on which the film is based.
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Life After People
History Channel special showing what the world might look like after people.
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Looking beyond the Cover and baggage of Battlefield Earth by Jason Heller
A good article where the author takes a look, steeped in nostalgia but without the Scientology baggage, at the book that L. Ron Hubbard most wanted to make into a film.
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The Fermi Paradox by Tim Urban
Dan recommends this In-depth review of the Fermi paradox. Probably much better than ours and by smarter people.
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Show Notes

50s Pulp Stories

The pulp school L. Ron Hubbard came from. The book should not stand out much against this background. Except it came out in the 80s!

The Film

DUTCH TILTS. The book Hubbard most wanted made into a movie. Travolta stood behind it as a love letter to Scientology. Reportedly, interference from Scientology higher-ups destroyed the whole thing, and then they threw John Travolta under the bus.

Earth After 1000 Years

Nature would take over. Paper would waste away. People would… start to act like chimps? Chernobyl. The Koream DMZ.

The Fermi Paradox

Read about the paradox on Wikipedia. The Psychlos as the great filter. They’re Made Out of Meat on The Truth Podcast.

Judging Alien Intelligence

Psychlos underestimating humans. Tool use and language.

Alien Design

In the book, they were feline! Douchey Klingons. Breathable atmosphere. High and low gravity. Cats are jerks.

Intergalactic Civilization

Why gold? Why slaves? Corporate space exploitation.


Piece of cake!

piece of cake battlefield earth meme

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