Elysium (feat. Liam Ginty of Voices from L5) : Episode 17

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What: Matt Damon gets desperate and tries to bring equality to a world divided into the haves (in the space station Elysium) and the have-nots (on Earth).
Directed by: Neill Blomkamp
Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley

Featuring guest co-host
Liam Ginty
Liam Ginty, host of Voices From L5

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Voices from L5
Our guest co-host’s wonderful podcast about space settlement from more of a soft science point of view. Great interviews with really interesting people in the field.
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The High Frontier by Gerard O’Neill
The classic volume that pretty much started the space settlement movement. Maybe a bit dated in some areas.
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District 9
Blomkamp’s first movie! Raises good questions about humanity, as the best sci-fi does.
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Show Notes


Spanish, French, Transatlantic Accent. Class identifier. Norman invasion. Linguistic bigotry.

Rich Folks

Facial branding. Fancy Pip Boys. Differences in rich and poor tech.

Magical Healing Chamber

How does it work? Neurological limitations. Altering personality.

Neural Tech

Brain storage implants. Encryption. Kill switches.

Exo Suits

REALLY cool installation montage. Order of installation operations. Current tech


Space Settlement

Voices from L5! Space planes. Torus settlements. Artificial gravity. Division of rich and poor. Space exploration

. Internal_view_of_the_Stanford_torus


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