Ender’s Game : Episode 74

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Ender’s Game

What: Chosen-one kid trains to lead humanity’s forces against insectoid aliens.
Directed by: Gavin Hood
Starring: Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld

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Show Notes

Alien attacks

Alien attacks and death tolls. Independence Day and flying planes up the butt.

Water in spaaaaaaace

Liquid water and the Goldilocks Zone. Frozen water all over the galaxy. Water vapor too!

Dying Planets

Schiaparelli, Percival  Lowell and the Martian “canals.”

Insectoid Aliens

Anatomy surprisingly like that of our tiny earth-based insects. Tool use? Telepathy? Queens controlling drones, but directly, apparently.

Alien Communication

Distance and lightspeed considerations in trying to communicate with aliens who may pose an existential threat to humanity.

Deciphering Speeds and Distances

28 days. Distances to other stars.

Space Combat Command

Action per minute. Starcraft and command delegation.

Doomsday Weapons

Very very expensive weapons and the meaning of a dollar.


Colonel Graff: We won! That’s all that matters.
Ender Wiggin: No. The *way* we win matters.

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