Black Mirror Season 3, Part 1 (feat. Liam Ginty) : Episode 73

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Black Mirror Season 3, Part 1 (feat. Liam Ginty)

What: Like the Twilight Zone, but scifi.
Created by: Charlie Brooker
Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Kelly Macdonald, Wyatt Russell, Jerome Flynn, Alex Lawther

Featuring guest co-host
Liam Ginty
Liam Ginty, host of Voices From L5


Episodes 1-3

Nosedive, Playtest, and Shut Up and Dance

Show Notes


Slow motion train wreck.  Meow-meow beans. Chinese social credit system. Real life is this episode. Nuance and charity in judging other people.


Backpacking fantasy. Christopher’s beard jealousy. Working while traveling via the internet. Hideo Kojima. Near-death experiences, dream experiences, and neurological speed. Death spike hallucinations. American Psycho Hideo Kojima.

American Psycho Hideo Kojima

Shut Up and Dance

Integrity. Liam’s butt. The worst of the worst. Anonymous.

 troll face



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