Wing Commander (feat. Dean Martin, podcaster) : Episode 27

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Wing Commander

What: 90s heartthrobs dogfight murderous space cats. Something something fabric of spacetime.
Directed by: Chris Roberts
Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard, Saffron Burrows

Featuring guest co-host
Dean Martin of LSG Media
Dean Martin, podcaster (LSG Media)

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Show Notes

Video Games

As children of the 90s, we have to wax nostalgic over the Wing Commander video games. They were really, really important at the time. Ground-breaking, even. PC games pre-windows. FMV.

  • 1990 Wing Commander
  • 1991 Wing Commander 2
  • 1994 Wing Commander 3
    • 5 million bux
  • 1996/7 Wing Commander 4
    • 10 million bux
  • 1999 Wing Commander Movie
    • 30 million bux

Chris Roberts

Director of the games was also director of the film! We hypothesize based on zero knowledge of anything how it may have been difficult for this first-time feature film director. We consider whether he is the George Lucas of video games, in both the good or bad senses.


Cat creatures? This may not have been clear in the film. Hairless cats.

Mister colbert, mount the forward laser pointer!

Space Combat and Naval/Air Combat

Simplifications of space combat, ignoring the vast distances and incredible speeds in their portrayals. Things that did it pretty right.

A Crew of Mavericks

At least in Top Gun, there was only one Maverick. Here we have to consider if we’d want a ship full of Mavericks as Earth’s last best hope.

Space Romance

One makes sense. One seems to come out of nowhere. Maniac is awful and dangerous. This movie’s idea of “search and rescue” seems a bit off.

Pilgrims and Navigation

Pilgrim discrimination. Pilgrim backstory. Using pilgrim brains in the Navcom. Faith vs genetics.


You’re alright Angel
You too, Chris.

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