Idiocracy (feat. Adrian Falcone, Internet Nerd) : Episode 26

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What: Luke Wilson finds himself in the future, where humanity has grown lazy and stupid. Then, satire happens. Or so I’m told.
Directed by: Mike Judge
Starring: Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Terry Crews

Featuring guest co-host
Adrian Falcone
Adrian Falcone (@AdrianBFalcone), internet nerd

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The Genius of Idiocracy by David Fear
Well, here is the argument for the prescience of the film.
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Idiocracy Is a Cruel Movie and You Should Be Ashamed for Liking It by Matt Novak
This takes to extremes a number of things about the movie that Christopher didn’t appreciate. Maybe a bit over the top, but representing the other side.
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The Design of Everyday things
We all really really like this book. One or two of us might call it life changing. It provides the language and ideas to explain a lot of the human-created environment.
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Show Notes

Movie Production Issues

Lack of studio support. Poor audience test results. VERY small number of screens. Somehow, a cult hit after release.

Why Do People Love This Movie?

Has internet cult hit status. Why? Appealing to elitism and cynicism? Fart jokes? Love it or hate it.

Christopher Has a Problem With This Movie

It feels mean, basically. Also the extrapolations it makes are unreasonable as far as I’m concerned.

Dumbing Down Society

Network covered similar ground in the 1970s.

Whose Fault is this Situation?

The yuppies for not reproducing more? The “dumb” people? The system? Corporatism, selfishness, etc?

Human Evolution

Defining terms because people use them in the wrong way too often. How humanity actually evolves. Dysgenics. Why the movie is wrong.

Bad Things

“Crab mentality.”

Self absorption. Laziness. Selfishness. Willful ignorance. Materialism.

Design for Idiots

Actually there are some interesting examples here. Simplification of UI. “Idiot-proofing.” Automation.

How Do We Avoid This Future?

Each host gives their plan to save the world. Governor Adrian implements the mushroom marshmallow test. You’ll have to listen to find out!


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